REI (Vessel) - Gave Their Gold To Gluttons
Taos Humm - OXT
Giant Swan - Slum

Released 00.01am 19/4/14
50 online 
45 at Rise Records, Bristol
5 at Left for Dead Records, Birmingham

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Stream Taos Humm’s ‘OXT’ here.

For the third year running we are releasing a 12” compilation featuring four acts, though this year it’s a bit of a curveball in terms of the line up. REI (Vessel), OLO Worms, Taos Humm and Giant Swan makes an eclectic mix. 

In what has been a year of progression and evolution for Howling Owl, it makes sense for this record to be so diverse. Featuring the first vinyl appearances of Taos Humm’s melancholy-pysch and Giant Swan’s claustrophobic drone, alongside a welcome return to the unpredictable world ofOLO Worms and an exclusive track from one of Vessel’s aliases REI; this is a special record that ebbs and flows and fills.

We like to make our records mean something, and this is a compilation that encapsulates where we are at right now in terms of music and meaning.

Come sink with us.

Available from the Howling Owl Store 00.01am 19/4/14